California Fertility Lawyer | Law Office of Ellie Javadi 

We are dedicated to helping and protecting clients in the process of growing their families. We provide legal services for surrogacy, egg donation, sperm donation and embryo donation. 


Plan your journey with the help of a compassionate California fertility lawyer who will guide you through the entire emotional process with open and understanding communication about the unfamiliar legalities and effects of undergoing assisted reproduction.

The legal reequirements to grow your family through assisted reproduction can be an unfamiliar experience, but you don’t have to undertake it alone. Engaging an understanding reproduction attorney to guide you is a huge first step in simplifying the process and reducing the emotional strain.

We work hard to provide equal and unfettered access to proper legal counsel regarding all matters of reproductive law and fertility to anyone looking to start or grow their family.

Our practice is exclusive to the field of reproductive law and we operate independent of any agency or medical facility. That means protecting your rights is our first and only priority. We recognize that building a family is a personal choice and we pride ourselves on helping all our clients on this journey with compassion and professionalism.


Go confidently in the direction of your dreams.
— Henry David Thoreau

Meet Ellie Javadi, Esq.

For most, having a family is a lifelong dream. and Ellie Javadi wants to make sure that dream is within everyone’s reach.

Ellie Javadi is a graduate of the UCLA School of Law, and litigated at a complex, multi-party plaintiffs firm in Los Angeles for over five years prior to starting her own practice.

After going through the grueling process of IVF to have her first child, Ellie developed a deep passion for helping people achieve their dream of becoming parents. She eventually left the corporate world and opened her own practice dedicated to Reproductive Law in 2009.

Today, she helps both domestic and international clients with assisted reproduction matters, and takes great pride in making the legal portion of the journey to parenthood as smooth and seamless as possible.


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Why Choose Javadi Law

Parenting is full of surprises around every corner, but starting a family through assisted reproduction doesn’t have to be. The Law Office of Ellie Javadi works to make family planning easy and stress-free with predictable services and transparent fees so you can focus on being a parent instead of the legalities.

We are a completely unbiased entity that is 100% committed to customized reproductive legal representation that protects the rights of both parties in every transaction. Because we aren't affiliated with any medical facility and focus solely on reproductive law, we are uniquely positioned to make your journey as smooth and straightforward as possible.

Ellie intimately understands the raw emotional impact that assisted reproduction can have on individuals and couples, which is why she personally attends to every client and offers a transparent fee structure so there are no unexpected expenses.

We work directly with you and your preferred agency, both nationally and internationally, to come to an ideal resolution and the perfect beginning to your family.